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Product Description UV sterilizer using a special high-intensity odorless ultraviolet germicidal lamp, inner surface material is through the special treatment of stainless steel, so that the pre-treatment water flow through the inner surface is subject to wavelength 253.7nm ultraviolet sufficient radiation, has a good sterilizer effect, since it does not change the water physical and chemical properties, so it is a necessary and best equipment of preparation of pure water in electronics, medicine, food, chemical, beverage, cosmetic industry. This device is horizontal type, sterilization fast, efficient, effective, according to treatment required after exposure10 seconds, can kill E. coli in water efficiency is greater than 99%. The water will not change its physical and chemical properties after irradiation, it will not cause pollution. Simple, easy to use, different flow shaping products for users to choose, just need for regular replacement of UV germicidal lamps and clean quartz sleeves. Small size, light weight, low power consumption, long life, low cost, compared with other sterilization methods has significant advantages, so it is widely used. UV sterilizers are used both inside and outside the main 304 # stainless steel, polished body in order to strengthen internal and external UV illumination of high purity quartz assembled, with special ultraviolet lamp treatment, with a strong bactericidal, long life, stable and reliable, the bactericidal effect Rate ≥ 99%, life 8000 hours, has been widely used in medicine, food, beverage, life, electronics and other fields. Specification 1 Features Using high efficient UVC lamp, Philips lamp, Lamp life is guaranteed to more than 8,000 hours. 1.Choosing high transmittance, high-purity quartz sleeve, penetration rate of UV rays is guaranteed to above 90%. 2.Using High intensity UV sterilizers special used ballast, to ensure the entire system can be normal running in the case of complex. 3.Using high quality stainless steel (304#) as reactor, special polishing for the inner wall of the reactor in order to improve the sterilization effect. 51fa7ce3c9c2150d9c0174f18aa6453 photobank (2) photobank (4) photobank (3)

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