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Neonate Monitor 8.4" Standard 5 Parameters ECG, NIBP,SpO2,RESP, TEMP,HR Neo ECG cable NEO SpO2 sensor NEO nibp cuff   Features &Benefits: 1.        10.4”,12.1”,15” color TFT display, 2.        Separated para board: ECG, NIBP, SpO2 board; 3.        Full touch-screen enables intuitive operation by clicking one the specific parameters or the waveform in real time, standard configuration includes the navigation knob. 4.        Real time S-T segment analysis, Drug Dose Calculation and ARR analysis; 5.        SpO2 Pitch Tone Variation and Drug Dose Calculation; 6.        Multi-display: Standard, Large font, Trend Coexis, OxyCRG dynamic 7.        Parameter waveform and characters color selectable 8.        Standby mode for Energy saving and suspend monitoring; 9.        7-lead ECG waveforms display in phase; 10.    Capture dynamic waveforms; 11.    Internal storage: 3600s full-disclosure waveform review; 12.    External storage: SD card slot enables memory extension; 13.    Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and battery volume checking, 14.    AC power checking 15.    Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and HF knife; 16.    SINNOR F-6 SpO2 technology, VS Nellcor accuracy; 17.    Networking capacity and TCP/IP networking platform enable abundant future upgrade 18.    Time delay switch-off function keep the monitor data restart monitor; 19.    Complete and flexible mounting solution for transportation and in-patient monitoring   Standard parameters: 5-lead ECG, SpO2(F-5),NIBP, TEMP,RESP,PR,HR. Optional: Touch Screen, Thermal Recorder, 3/12-lead ECG, 2/4-IBP,4-TEMP,2-SpO2, Nellcor/Masimo SpO2,BIS, Phaisein/ Respironics Multi-gas, ICG/CO, FHR, FM, TOCO,   Performance Specifications Display:                          color TFT, 15”, Resolution:1024×768, 12”, 10.4” Resolution:1024×768, Multi display selectable including: Large-font display Trend coexist display OxyCRG dynamic view display. Bed-to-bed view display Trace:                8 waveforms(7 ECG, 1 SPO2 and 1 RESP) Sweep speed:12.5mm/s,25mm/s,50mm/s Indicator:             Power/battery indicator light QRS beep and alarm sound Battery:               Rechargeable lead acid cell, 12v/4AH Max.24 hour for charging, 4 hours for continue working Trend:             Parameter graphic and tabular trends: 5s/piece,8 hours; 1min/piece,168 hours(24h×7days) 5min/piece,1000 hours.   Storage:            NIBP: 1000 groups Alarm: 200 groups Full disclosure waveforms: 1 hour Alarm:                    User-adjustable High, Medium and Low limits 3-level Audible and visual alarm Networking:         Connected to central monitoring system TCP/IP netting platform Recorder:              Build-in, thermal array Plethysmogram caveform:2 channels Record mode: manual, on alarm, time-defined Recording width: 50mm Printing speed: 50mm/s Recording type:         Frozen waveform record NIBP recall record Trend table record Alarm record Fixed -time record     Specifications   ECG:   Lead mode:                                5 –lead(R,L,F,N,C) Lead selection :                        I,II,III,avR,avL,avF,V Waveform:                          3 and 7 channel selectable Gain selection:                        0.5mm/mv,1mm/mv,2mm/mv Sweep speed:                          12.5mm/s;25mm/s;50mm/s Heart rate range:               Adult: 15~300bpm; Neonate:/pediatric:15~350bpm Accuracy:                                   +1bpm or +1%,whichecer is greater Resolution:                          1bpm Filter:                                            surgery mode:1~20Hz monitor model:0.5~40Hz Diagnostic mode:0.05~130Hz Scaling signal:                          1mv,+3% Protection:                         withstand 4000VAC/50 voltage isolation against electrosurgical interference and defibrillation Alarm range:                            15~350bpm S-T segment detecton: Measurement range:  2.0mV~+2.0mV   Alarm  Range:         -2.0mV~ +2.0mV Accuracy:            -0.8mV ~+0.8Mv Error:               +0.02Mv   Arrhythmia analysis:     YES   SPO2 Measurement range:        0~100% Resolution:                1% Accuracy:                 +2%(70-100%);0-69% unspecified Alarm range               0~100% Pluse Rate:                range:20~300bpm Resolution:1bpm Error:+1bpm or +2%,whichever is greater   NIBP Method:                   Digital Automatic oscillometric Operation mode :           Manual/Automatic/continuous Auto measurement time:     Adjustable(1~480min) Measurement Unit:         mmHg/Kpa selectable Measurement types:         Systolic, Diastolic, Mean Measurement tange: Range of Systolic   pressure:   Adult: 40~270mmHg Pediatric: 40~220mmHg Neonate: 40~135mmHg Range of mean pressure:     Adult: 20~235mmHg Pediatric: 20~165mmHg Neonate: 20~110mmHg Range of diastolic pressure:   Adult: 10~215mmHg Pediatric: 10~150mmHg Neonate :10~100mmHg Over-pressure protection:     Double safety protection Resolution:                 1 mmHg Alarm:                    Systolic.Diastolic,Mean     RESPIRATION Method:                     Thoracic impedance Measurement range:           Adult:7~120rpm; Neonate/Pediatric:7~150rpm Apnea alarm:                 YES,10~40s Resolution:                   1rpm Accuracy:                    +2rpm     TEMPERATURE Compatible probe:             YSI or CYF Measurement range:           5~50℃ Resolution :                   0.1℃ Accuracy:                    +0.1℃ Refreshing time:               about 1 Average measuring time:        <10s     Miscellaneous   Satety:               Safety level: Class I, type CF   Dimendion and Weight Dimendion:      440×430×450 G.Weight:        <9.0KS   Operation Environment Temperature:    Working 0~+40℃ Transportation and storage –20~+60℃ Humidity:       working≤85% Transportation and storage≤93% Power:          AC 100-240,50/60Hz Patient range:    Neonate,pediatric,and adult patients     Accessories supplies (1) 5 lead ECG cable (2) 1 spo2 probes (3) 1 NIBP prbe (4) 1 temp probe (5)1 ground connecting liner (6) Chest electrode (10pcs/set)

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